The Movement Among the Two Parties

I just did the thing I’ve been contemplating a long time, something that I have not been able to do until now. It’s been very difficult reflecting on the election, and I had not been able to bring myself to watch Governor Mitt Romney deliver has concession speech, until now. I just watched the full speech, and it was painful. But I’ve moved forward (No pun intended), and I’ve moved on.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I urge you to watch it. You don’t need to watch it now, but when you are in the right mindset. The extreme majority of the Republican party have not been protesting for recounts, we have not been rioting, and we have not been causing political and social tension among society. There was a Democratic movement, if Romney were to have won, to riot and cause social disorder. This was visible through several social networking website, namely Twitter. (This article has further images of some of these Tweets and descriptions of this movement.)

And when I was attending an Election Night Watch Party with nearly 200 people present, we hired 4 armed Sheriffs Deputies, per recommendation of the Police Department. These armed Deputies were present in the event of violence and rioting outside the building had Romney had won. This was simply for our security.

Conservatives are not violent, and we don’t resort to vandalizing our opponents buildings, signs, and vehicles. And yes, our building had been vandalized, hundreds and hundreds of signs stolen, and our vehicles were vandalized, simply because of the Romney Ryan bumper sticker on it’s rear. All these things happened locally, in my own little town. And did these things happen to the Democrats? We wouldn’t dare touch the Democrats’ signs. Don’t get me wrong- most liberal people I know do not do these things, and there are some conservative people that would vandalize a sign, but in my community, this is present among a strong liberal majority.

This brings me to the point I’ve been trying to make with this post- in Romney’s concession speech, he congratulated the President and his family. He said that he prays that it will be a better four years, and that he encourages all of us to pray with him. He thanked his wife, Ann, and his running mate, Paul Ryan. If Romney had won, I can only imagine what President Obama’s concession speech would have been. He probably would not have given one that night, because the SEIU would already be protesting about recounts.

That concession speech Romney gave was a great speech; Mitt Romney is an amazing American. Mitt Romney is a amazing person, and would have made an even better President. That concession speech was a beautiful speech. His speech revealed the civil nature behind our party, his speech manifested the true Republican; We are willing to work hard, and when we don’t succeed, we continue working, and working even harder than before.

This is a classic Conservative principle, hard work. Hard work is one of our greatest virtues.

American Conservatives are considered by English Textbooks (Yes, this has actually happened) to be ‘Closed Minded.’ But it’s really the American Liberal who is the close-minded one. The American Conservative is moving forward, and getting back to work. Most Liberal Americans are not closed-minded, and there are many closed-minded Conservatives, but the ideological trends and movements in both parties describe a rise in close-mindedness among the left side of the political spectrum.

The Closed-minded view I am describing is prevalent through society (Although it may just be the media with this argument). One of my fellow bloggers at the Right Pundit, Dave Flanagan, used an example to describe this close-mindedness:

“Before the election, Romney was seen pumping his own gas, and was called out-of-touch for wanting a ‘Photo-op.’ And after the election, he’s pumping his own gas, and is called a ‘Loser’ for having to do it himself.”

This example above is readily seen through society, and is similar points are common among bumper stickers on cars, members of the media, and the like. An example of this is seen through Toure’s (Co-host of MSNBC’s The Cycle) discussion regarding a racist comment made by Joe Biden.

This is the growing, trending movement in the political spectrum. This video of Toure describes this movement.

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  1. Good post, Ryan.

    Regarding “American Conservatives are considered by English Textbooks (Yes, this has actually happened) to be ‘Closed Minded.’ But it’s really the American Liberal who is the close-minded one.”

    First, grit your teeth and go check out this blogger’s post that goes to some length to prove how out-of-touch conservatives are:
    Here’s a sample from that article: “Many studies indicate that people with a conservative ideology, more so than moderates or liberals, tend to hold to their own ideology despite facts (not just opinions or arguments) to the contrary. And, counter-intuitively, the more educated a conservative is, the less likely that person is to consider or even expose themselves to views that oppose their closely held ideologies and beliefs, while the more educated a liberal or moderate is, the more likely that person is to consider views opposed to their closely held beliefs.”

    Second, I’d say the fact that your article here and that article are about as diametrically opposed as you can get. It just proves that a person’s world vision sets the reference point that they judge everything by. I recently wrote about this phenomenon in an article I titled America’s Political Bilingualism. It’s directly relevant to your topic here.

    - Jeff

  2. Amir Khan · · Reply

    Let’s establish one thing- “Liberals” and “Conservatives” converge on the grounds of policy principally. Sure, radically different ideologies may result in different behavior patterns, but your thesis is weak. There’s simply no evidence to support your claim. Even if you were to cite the challenges made by both the Gore and Bush campaigns in accordance with the initial 2000 election results, you’d need to examine it through a proper historical lens. Florida came down to 537 votes that year, while this year, the margin was exceedingly solid. In order to captivate any reader’s attention and tone down your unbelievably partisan tone I’d suggest debating on grounds of policy rather than empty hypotheticals.

    1. Amir Khan · · Reply

      *diverge in replacement of converge

  3. Stephanie · · Reply

    The post above me claims there is no proof that liberals are close-minded or whatever other claims Ryan made. Well let me just tell you that I saw first had in my state of WI how liberals react when they don’t get their own way during the recall election of my governor. My state capital saw $1 million worth of damage, people’s lives were threatened, people’s signs were burned, stolen and people cars were keyed. conservatives have been accused of being racist, hateful bigots for even slightly disagreeing with the president on anything. Mitt Romney’s life was threatened time and time again on twitter and other forums if he won the presidency–liberals said totally distasteful, disgusting, derogatory things towards Ann Romney and Janna Ryan and people threatened to riot in the streets if Romney won. Have you seen Occupy Wallstreet?–people desecrating on cars, damaging property, rioting against police? my young generation is so freaking spoiled, they think the world owes them something. don’t tell me the left if civil and respectful. Is everyone on “our side” perfect? no, there are some outspoken people who sometimes go overboard–but NOTHING compared to what the left gets away with. Mitt is the most respectful guy who has integrity and character like no one I’ve seen run for office in a long time. What a mistake America made. and we will see the consequences in the next four years.

  4. Sheltiemom · · Reply

    Excellent post, Ryan. The reason the left gets away with anything and everything is because they are learning from the very top – their president and his AG have led the way. The Left has become a monolithic thug in my opinion, and never would Republicans riot, desecrate property, etc. if Mitt Romney had won. It’s really the shame of this country that he didn’t.

  5. Ryan, Stepanie and Sheltiemom…..what great posts! I could not have said it better.

  6. Don Solomon · · Reply

    Not a bad job Ryan! You might be a little loose with the generalizations though. It is easy to provide examples from both the left and right to make a case for close mindedness.

  7. Wow, it seems we hit some of the same points in our posts. I’m growing tired of hearing how “extreme” the Republicans are, as a tool to get them to fall into line with liberal policy positions.

    Check out my similar post as well! Good work!

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