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President Obama has made a pledge ever since the beginning of his first term and even more so after the Newtown, Connecticut shooting, to increase gun control.  His promise is one of many, such as closing Guantanamo Bay, reducing the deficit, etc- all of which he has failed to carry…

I’m back! Many of you may have noticed my extended leave of absence, but don’t worry- it was not permanent! I will soon be blogging for Rogue Generation, which is an online coalition blog of young conservatives. In addition to my posts here, which will resume, I will be cross posting from Rogue Generation!   […]

I believe that the Fiscal Cliff deal was a horrible, but necessary, deal. It was unbalanced between tax increases and spending cuts, at a ratio of $41 in tax increases for every $1 in spending cuts (41:1). We needed to have more spending cuts involved, and hopefully Congress can engineer these cuts before the debt […]

In spirit of the season, I would like to offer my warm greetings into the New Year, and a Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it. For those who just recently celebrated Hanukkah, such as myself, have a great, relaxing day tomorrow! For those celebrating any other holidays, enjoy the festivities and welcome into the […]

A few months ago, I was out in town, and I saw a car with nearly 20 bumper stickers on it. Each and every bumper sticker described something political, each and every one describing Governor Mitt Romney. They were all negative, demeaning, or poor in nature. But one sticker, in particular, stuck out to me. […]

Originally posted on Rabbi Pruzansky's Blog:
Oddly, we are a week into the alleged birth of a “Palestinian state,” as decreed by the UN General Assembly, and nothing seems to have changed. Life “after” the state is remarkably similar to life “before” the state, and his people must be suffering from even more frustration…

Congress is riddled with gridlock, and there is no bipartisanship. The Fiscal Cliff is soon to come (And I use this term loosely), and it would represent a standstill of the government. You will still be able to go to the Smithsonian, there just won’t be any money in the treasury. We have spent ourselves […]

I just did the thing I’ve been contemplating a long time, something that I have not been able to do until now. It’s been very difficult reflecting on the election, and I had not been able to bring myself to watch Governor Mitt Romney deliver has concession speech, until now. I just watched the full […]

Be sure to see the new page entitled, Excellent Reads! I should have a Political post up today or tomorrow.

Every election, in recent years, has plagued the innocent voters with phone call after phone call, and door-to-door volunteer after volunteer. People hate these phone calls, but they work. Volunteers at the other end of the phones make so many voter contacts, that by election day, the people they’ve called are extremely likely to vote […]


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